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glib-aux/trivial: clearify code comment in nm_g_source_destroy_and_unref()

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......@@ -1658,15 +1658,16 @@ nm_g_source_destroy_and_unref(GSource *source)
* will destroy the user-data of the callback right away (and not only
* during the last g_source_unref()).
* It also means, that if the user data itself has the reference to the
* source, then this will lead to crash:
* This means for example, if the user data itself has the reference to the
* source, then the following would lead to a crash:
* g_source_destroy(user_data->my_source);
* // ups, user_data was destroyed (if source was attached).
* g_source_unref(user_data->my_source);
* nm_g_source_destroy_and_unref() and nm_clear_g_source_inst() does not
* suffer from this problem. */
* nm_g_source_destroy_and_unref(user_data->my_source) and nm_clear_g_source_inst(&user_data->my_source)
* does not have this problem (of course, afterwards, user_data would be a dangling
* pointer). */
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