Commit c09a069c authored by Thomas Haller's avatar Thomas Haller
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libnm: use cleanup attribute in nm_vpn_service_plugin_read_vpn_details()

parent 5c21e17c
......@@ -730,10 +730,11 @@ nm_vpn_service_plugin_read_vpn_details (int fd,
GHashTable **out_data,
GHashTable **out_secrets)
GHashTable *data, *secrets;
gs_unref_hashtable GHashTable *data = NULL;
gs_unref_hashtable GHashTable *secrets = NULL;
gboolean success = FALSE;
char *key = NULL, *val = NULL;
GString *line;
nm_auto_free_gstring GString *line = NULL;
gchar c;
if (out_data)
......@@ -795,21 +796,9 @@ nm_vpn_service_plugin_read_vpn_details (int fd,
if (success) {
if (out_data)
*out_data = data;
g_hash_table_destroy (data);
if (out_secrets)
*out_secrets = secrets;
g_hash_table_destroy (secrets);
} else {
g_hash_table_destroy (data);
g_hash_table_destroy (secrets);
NM_SET_OUT (out_data, g_steal_pointer (&data));
NM_SET_OUT (out_secrets, g_steal_pointer (&secrets));
g_string_free (line, TRUE);
return success;
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