Commit bd3472fb authored by Lubomir Rintel's avatar Lubomir Rintel 🥕
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vpn-service-plugin: cancel the connect timer on has_ipv4=has_ipv6=false

NetworkManager considers a connection w/o L3 configuration fine and connected.
Don't make VPN plugins commit suicide in such case.
parent 5f2c39fa
......@@ -385,6 +385,10 @@ nm_vpn_service_plugin_set_config (NMVpnServicePlugin *plugin,
g_signal_emit (plugin, signals[CONFIG], 0, config);
if (priv->dbus_vpn_service_plugin)
nmdbus_vpn_plugin_emit_config (priv->dbus_vpn_service_plugin, config);
if ( priv->has_ip4 == priv->got_ip4
&& priv->has_ip6 == priv->got_ip6)
nm_vpn_service_plugin_set_state (plugin, NM_VPN_SERVICE_STATE_STARTED);
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