Commit b9d85bb7 authored by Thomas Haller's avatar Thomas Haller
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platform: fix link_type_from_udev() to use ifname from libnl

When an interface gets renamed, we first receive a libnl update with
the changed interface name.

This results in the following chain of calls:
  - event_notification()
  - announce_object()
  - link_init()
  - link_extract_type()
  - link_type_from_udev()
Then link_type_from_udev() looks up the name in the udev data (getting
the previous name, because we did not yet recieve the udev notification)
and passes the name to wifi_utils_is_wifi(), which eventually calls
nm_platform_link_get_ifindex() -- doing a lookup by the old name.

Fix this, by passing the ifname from libnl to link_type_from_udev().

Also, change hack_empty_master_iff_lower_up() because it is called
from event_notification(), at a moment when the link cache possibly
does not yet know the ifindex -- so that the call chain to
link_extract_type(), link_type_from_udev(), wifi_utils_is_wifi()
again might lead to lookup for something that does not yet exist.
Note, that in this case the name would not yet exist, because we
did not yet put the libnl object into the link cache.
Signed-off-by: Thomas Haller's avatarThomas Haller <>
parent da0ccf89
......@@ -554,11 +554,13 @@ type_to_string (NMLinkType type)
static NMLinkType
link_type_from_udev (NMPlatform *platform, int ifindex, int arptype, const char **out_name)
link_type_from_udev (NMPlatform *platform, int ifindex, const char *ifname, int arptype, const char **out_name)
NMLinuxPlatformPrivate *priv = NM_LINUX_PLATFORM_GET_PRIVATE (platform);
GUdevDevice *udev_device;
const char *prop, *name, *sysfs_path;
const char *prop, *sysfs_path;
g_assert (ifname);
udev_device = g_hash_table_lookup (priv->udev_devices, GINT_TO_POINTER (ifindex));
if (!udev_device)
......@@ -569,9 +571,8 @@ link_type_from_udev (NMPlatform *platform, int ifindex, int arptype, const char
return_type (NM_LINK_TYPE_OLPC_MESH, "olpc-mesh");
prop = g_udev_device_get_property (udev_device, "DEVTYPE");
name = g_udev_device_get_name (udev_device);
sysfs_path = g_udev_device_get_sysfs_path (udev_device);
if (g_strcmp0 (prop, "wlan") == 0 || wifi_utils_is_wifi (name, sysfs_path))
if (g_strcmp0 (prop, "wlan") == 0 || wifi_utils_is_wifi (ifname, sysfs_path))
return_type (NM_LINK_TYPE_WIFI, "wifi");
else if (g_strcmp0 (prop, "wwan") == 0)
return_type (NM_LINK_TYPE_WWAN_ETHERNET, "wwan");
......@@ -664,26 +665,31 @@ link_extract_type (NMPlatform *platform, struct rtnl_link *rtnllink, const char
if (!type) {
int arptype = rtnl_link_get_arptype (rtnllink);
const char *driver;
const char *ifname;
if (arptype == ARPHRD_LOOPBACK)
return_type (NM_LINK_TYPE_LOOPBACK, "loopback");
else if (arptype == ARPHRD_INFINIBAND)
return_type (NM_LINK_TYPE_INFINIBAND, "infiniband");
else if (arptype == 256) {
ifname = rtnl_link_get_name (rtnllink);
if (arptype == 256) {
/* Some s390 CTC-type devices report 256 for the encapsulation type
* for some reason, but we need to call them Ethernet. FIXME: use
* something other than interface name to detect CTC here.
if (g_str_has_prefix (rtnl_link_get_name (rtnllink), "ctc"))
if (g_str_has_prefix (ifname, "ctc"))
return_type (NM_LINK_TYPE_ETHERNET, "ethernet");
driver = ethtool_get_driver (rtnl_link_get_name (rtnllink));
driver = ethtool_get_driver (ifname);
if (!g_strcmp0 (driver, "openvswitch"))
return_type (NM_LINK_TYPE_OPENVSWITCH, "openvswitch");
return link_type_from_udev (platform,
rtnl_link_get_ifindex (rtnllink),
} else if (!strcmp (type, "dummy"))
......@@ -827,6 +833,7 @@ hack_empty_master_iff_lower_up (NMPlatform *platform, struct nl_object *object)
struct rtnl_link *rtnllink;
int ifindex;
struct nl_object *slave;
const char *type;
if (!object)
......@@ -837,18 +844,15 @@ hack_empty_master_iff_lower_up (NMPlatform *platform, struct nl_object *object)
ifindex = rtnl_link_get_ifindex (rtnllink);
switch (link_extract_type (platform, rtnllink, NULL)) {
for (slave = nl_cache_get_first (priv->link_cache); slave; slave = nl_cache_get_next (slave)) {
struct rtnl_link *rtnlslave = (struct rtnl_link *) slave;
if (rtnl_link_get_master (rtnlslave) == ifindex
&& rtnl_link_get_flags (rtnlslave) & IFF_LOWER_UP)
type = rtnl_link_get_type (rtnllink);
if (!type || (strcmp (type, "bridge") != 0 && strcmp (type, "bond") != 0))
for (slave = nl_cache_get_first (priv->link_cache); slave; slave = nl_cache_get_next (slave)) {
struct rtnl_link *rtnlslave = (struct rtnl_link *) slave;
if (rtnl_link_get_master (rtnlslave) == ifindex
&& rtnl_link_get_flags (rtnlslave) & IFF_LOWER_UP)
rtnl_link_unset_flags (rtnllink, IFF_LOWER_UP);
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