Commit b936ccd2 authored by Lubomir Rintel's avatar Lubomir Rintel 🥕

travis: update to Ubuntu 14.04 (trusty)

It is slightly less obsolete. We don't really support precise (12.04)
anyway, the build only works because we steal libndp and perhaps more
from the trusty repository.
parent 95747d2c
language: c
dist: precise
dist: trusty
sudo: required
- gcc
- clang
- sourceline: 'deb trusty-backports main restricted universe multiverse'
- autoconf
- libtool
......@@ -22,7 +21,7 @@ addons:
- libnl-genl-3-dev
- ppp-dev
- libpolkit-gobject-1-dev
- libgnutls28-dev
- libgnutls-dev
- libgcrypt11-dev
- uuid-dev
- libudev-dev
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