Commit b6b158e3 authored by Beniamino Galvani's avatar Beniamino Galvani

core: vlan: avoid unneeded casts

parent 7f6a19b1
......@@ -110,15 +110,15 @@ parent_hwaddr_maybe_changed (NMDevice *parent,
if (nm_device_sys_iface_state_is_external_or_assume (device))
connection = nm_device_get_applied_connection ((NMDevice *) self);
connection = nm_device_get_applied_connection (device);
if (!connection)
/* Update the VLAN MAC only if configuration does not specify one */
if (nm_device_hw_addr_is_explict ((NMDevice *) self))
if (nm_device_hw_addr_is_explict (device))
old_mac = nm_device_get_hw_address ((NMDevice *) self);
old_mac = nm_device_get_hw_address (device);
new_mac = nm_device_get_hw_address (parent);
if (nm_streq0 (old_mac, new_mac))
......@@ -126,13 +126,13 @@ parent_hwaddr_maybe_changed (NMDevice *parent,
_LOGD (LOGD_VLAN, "parent hardware address changed to %s%s%s",
if (new_mac) {
nm_device_hw_addr_set ((NMDevice *) self, new_mac, "vlan-parent", TRUE);
nm_device_hw_addr_set (device, new_mac, "vlan-parent", TRUE);
/* When changing the hw address the interface is taken down,
* removing the IPv6 configuration; reapply it.
s_ip6 = nm_connection_get_setting_ip6_config (connection);
if (s_ip6)
nm_device_reactivate_ip6_config (NM_DEVICE (self), s_ip6, s_ip6);
nm_device_reactivate_ip6_config (device, s_ip6, s_ip6);
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