Commit b64c82a3 authored by Dan Winship's avatar Dan Winship
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libnm-util: don't warn about unrecognized properties

libnm-util is expected to end up behind the curve in terms of knowing
about new NMSetting properties, so if it sees an unknown property, it
should just assume that there will also be a backward-compatibility
equivalent rather than printing a warning.

(In particular, it should not warn when it sees the
"ipv4.address-labels" property now that it now longer knows about it.)
parent 58a66cc7
......@@ -394,8 +394,10 @@ nm_setting_new_from_hash (GType setting_type, GHashTable *hash)
param_spec = g_object_class_find_property (class, prop_name);
if (!param_spec) {
/* Oh, we're so nice and only warn, maybe it should be a fatal error? */
g_warning ("Ignoring invalid property '%s'", prop_name);
/* Assume that any unrecognized property either can be ignored, or
* else has a backward-compatibility equivalent.
g_debug ("Ignoring unrecognized property '%s'", prop_name);
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