Commit b5a469a8 authored by Beniamino Galvani's avatar Beniamino Galvani
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device: check nm_ip6_config_get_address_first_nontentative() argument

Since commit 9ff161b2 ("device: move have_ip6_address() to
nm_ip6_config_get_address_first_nontentative()") the IP configuration
argument of nm_ip6_config_get_address_first_nontentative() must be
non-NULL. Add checks where needed.

Fixes: 9ff161b2
parent 05b34e11
......@@ -5538,7 +5538,8 @@ linklocal6_start (NMDevice *self)
linklocal6_cleanup (self);
if (nm_ip6_config_get_address_first_nontentative (priv->ip6_config, TRUE))
if ( priv->ip6_config
&& nm_ip6_config_get_address_first_nontentative (priv->ip6_config, TRUE))
connection = nm_device_get_applied_connection (self);
......@@ -5773,7 +5774,8 @@ rdisc_ra_timeout (NMRDisc *rdisc, NMDevice *self)
* IPv6 configuration, like manual IPv6 addresses or external IPv6
* config, consider that sufficient for IPv6 success.
if (nm_ip6_config_get_address_first_nontentative (priv->ip6_config, FALSE))
if ( priv->ip6_config
&& nm_ip6_config_get_address_first_nontentative (priv->ip6_config, FALSE))
nm_device_activate_schedule_ip6_config_result (self);
nm_device_activate_schedule_ip6_config_timeout (self);
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