Commit b2d9fa2e authored by Dan Williams's avatar Dan Williams
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ifcfg-rh: fix parsing of REORDER_HDR

It's a boolean value not a string.  Second, apparently the
kernel turns it on by default these days, so if it's missing
then assume it's supposed to be TRUE.
parent ca689a02
......@@ -3799,10 +3799,8 @@ make_vlan_setting (shvarFile *ifcfg,
goto error;
value = svGetValue (ifcfg, "REORDER_HDR", FALSE);
if (value)
if (svTrueValue (ifcfg, "REORDER_HDR", FALSE))
g_free (value);
value = svGetValue (ifcfg, "VLAN_FLAGS", FALSE);
if (g_strstr_len (value, -1, "GVRP"))
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