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todo: update with latest ADSL status

parent 650c5467
......@@ -34,27 +34,11 @@ about ADSL configuration on Linux in general is here:
hicham started code for the configuration settings here:
After the libnm-util pieces, internally NM needs to be modified for ADSL
support, of course. That involves adding a new NM_DEVICE_TYPE_ADSL in
NetworkManager.h, and then creating a new NMDeviceAdsl subclass in src/. It's
probably easiest to copy the nm-device-ethernet.c file and strip out stuff
that's not required. Like the nm-device-ethernet.c file handles the 'carrier'
state though, the ADSL code should periodically poll the sysfs 'carrier'
attribute of the DSL modem to detect when the modem has a link with the remote
DSL concentrator, and only activate connections when the link is present.
Detection of ADSL modems should be handled in nm-udev-manager.c checking for
the "atm" subsystem.
Code to manage br2684ctl will likely be required to be written for the PPPoE
case before PPPoE is started on the bridge-created link "nasX". There are
quite a few examples of daemon management code in NetworkManager (dnsmasq,
avahi-autoipd, ppp, dhclient, etc) so there should be a lot of code to
copy and paste from.
Big thanks to Pantelis Koukousoulas for getting ADSL working for PPPoA and PPPoE
methods in the 'adsl' branch in NetworkManager git. We need more testing, IPv6
PPP support, and also support for multiple ADSL devices (by reading the "atmindex"
attribute from the sysfs directory for the ATM interface on and later
* Convert WEXT code to nl80211
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