Commit b18c9e44 authored by Thomas Haller's avatar Thomas Haller

shared/trivial: add code comment to explain NMUtilsEnumValueInfo consistency rules

parent a1f1b13f
......@@ -64,9 +64,18 @@ _ASSERT_enum_values_info (GType type,
* And then, when actually running against a newer library version where
* @type knows the nick, we have this situation.
* Another reason for specifying a nick both in @value_infos and @type,
* is to specify an alias which is not used with highest preference. For
* example, if you add an alias "disabled" for "none" (both numerically
* equal), then the first alias in @value_infos will be preferred over
* the name from @type. So, to still use "none" as preferred name, you may
* explicitly specify the "none" alias in @value_infos before "disabled".
* However, what never is allowed, is to use a name (nick) to re-number
* the value. That is, if both @value_infos and @type contain a particular
* nick, their numeric values must agree as well.
* Allowing this, would be very confusing, because the name would have a different
* value from the regular GLib GEnum API.
g_assert (enum_value->value == value_infos->value);
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