Commit b1082aa9 authored by Thomas Haller's avatar Thomas Haller

device: disable rp_filter handling

Don't let NetworkManager change rp_filter sysctl [1]. By default, various
distributions set rp_filter rather strict. That works badly, in common cases
where the user connects multiple interfaces to the same IP network (for
example, using Wi-Fi and ethernet in your home network). It also confuses
connectivity checking. For that reason, NetworkManager would loosen the
rp_filter setting.

However, that was not configurable and users who really wanted a strict
setting could not prevent NetworkManager from doing it ([2], [3], [4]).

Hence it was decided, that a better solution is for NetworkManager not
to do anything about rp_filter. Instead, distibutions should not enable
it strictly (or at least, only for certain setups where it makes sense
-- if it ever makes sense) ([5], [6]);

Disble this behavior for the moment. In the future, the code will be
removed entirely.


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......@@ -12119,7 +12119,7 @@ nm_device_set_ip_config (NMDevice *self,
priv->needs_ip6_subnet = FALSE;
if (IS_IPv4) {
if (IS_IPv4 && FALSE /* rp_filter handling is disabled */) {
if (!nm_device_sys_iface_state_is_external_or_assume (self))
ip4_rp_filter_update (self);
......@@ -13018,7 +13018,7 @@ queued_ip_config_change (NMDevice *self, int addr_family)
set_unmanaged_external_down (self, TRUE);
if (IS_IPv4) {
if (IS_IPv4 && FALSE /* rp_filter handling is disabled */) {
if (!nm_device_sys_iface_state_is_external_or_assume (self)) {
priv->v4_has_shadowed_routes = _v4_has_shadowed_routes_detect (self);;
ip4_rp_filter_update (self);
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