Commit b04d9e46 authored by Dan Williams's avatar Dan Williams

libnm-util: assume VPN connections need secrets

Because most of the time they will.  They need special handling all
around anyway because only the VPN plugin itself knows whether the
connection needs secrets.
parent d7a86ffd
......@@ -399,6 +399,13 @@ set_secret_flags (NMSetting *setting,
return TRUE;
static GPtrArray *
need_secrets (NMSetting *setting)
/* Assume that VPN connections need secrets since they almost always will */
return g_ptr_array_sized_new (1);
static void
destroy_one_secret (gpointer data)
......@@ -517,6 +524,7 @@ nm_setting_vpn_class_init (NMSettingVPNClass *setting_class)
parent_class->update_one_secret = update_one_secret;
parent_class->get_secret_flags = get_secret_flags;
parent_class->set_secret_flags = set_secret_flags;
parent_class->need_secrets = need_secrets;
/* Properties */
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