Commit b02d132f authored by Dan Williams's avatar Dan Williams

todo: add notes about pushing network selection to wpa_supplicant

parent fb6cf1fe
......@@ -512,6 +512,30 @@ device up and do a full scan just in case the user is near a known SSID that was
not in the N top recently used networks. This is also beneficial to normal
desktop use-cases.
wpa_supplicant doesn't currently provide an explicit interface for sending SSIDs
to the driver for background scanning, but could simply send a list using
configured networks. However, NM currently does not send *all* configured
connections' SSIDs to the supplicant, so that's something we should do first
to optimize connection times. To do this, NM would need to order all networks
using the NM timestamp and convert that into a supplicant priority number, which
would need to be adjusted periodically when the timestamp was updated. This
would involve tracking each network (exposed by the supplicant as a D-Bus
object) and making sure they were added, deleted, and updated when the backing
NMConnection objects changed. One complication is that the supplicant
requires secrets for various network types when the network is added via D-Bus,
and NetworkManager might not have those secrets yet. We may need to modify
the supplicant allow for *all* secrets (PSKs, WEP keys, etc) to be requested
on-demand, not just EAP secrets like 802.1x passwords. We then need to fix
up the supplicant's D-Bus interface to actually send requests for secrets out
over D-Bus (like wpa_supplicant_eap_param_needed() does for the socket-based
control interface) and to handle the resulting reply from a D-Bus client like
wpa_supplicant_ctrl_iface_ctrl_rsp() does.
With the secrets request stuff and priority handling in place, wpa_supplicant
would control network selection and roaming (based on the priorities NM gave it
of course) instead of NetworkManager itself, and hopefully lead to a faster WiFi
connection process.
2) single-device-at-a-time with overlapping connections: this is also probably
the best route to go for desktop use-cases as well. Instead of bringing all
available connections up, only bring up the "best" connection at any given
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