Commit aee3bc0a authored by Thomas Haller's avatar Thomas Haller

device: mark wireguard devices as unmanaged

Later we want to fully support wireguard devices. Also,
possibly activating a generic profile in a wireguard device
would make sense.

Anyway, for the moment, just prevent that from happening
by explicitly marking the device as unmanaged.

(cherry picked from commit e3bd4823)
parent b8eb0e27
......@@ -83,6 +83,7 @@
#include "nm-device-generic.h"
#include "nm-device-vlan.h"
#include "nm-device-wireguard.h"
#include "nm-device-logging.h"
......@@ -4301,7 +4302,10 @@ realize_start_setup (NMDevice *self,
/* Unmanaged the loopback device with an explicit NM_UNMANAGED_BY_TYPE flag.
* Later we might want to manage 'lo' too. Currently that doesn't work because
* NetworkManager might down the interface or remove the address. */
nm_device_set_unmanaged_flags (self, NM_UNMANAGED_BY_TYPE, is_loopback (self));
nm_device_set_unmanaged_flags (self,
is_loopback (self)
nm_device_set_unmanaged_by_user_udev (self);
nm_device_set_unmanaged_by_user_conf (self);
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