Commit a967a5be authored by Pavel Šimerda's avatar Pavel Šimerda Committed by Thomas Haller

build: print missing configured directories

Many of the configured directories default to being defined using existing
directory configuration. As a result you usually don't see the actual
directories that will be used. With the added directories you can at least
assemble the information and thus see which directories will be used.
parent 97f06c3a
......@@ -1370,6 +1370,10 @@ echo
echo "System paths:"
echo " prefix: $prefix"
echo " exec_prefix: $exec_prefix"
echo " sysconfdir: $sysconfdir"
echo " localstatedir: $localstatedir"
echo " runstatedir: $runstatedir"
echo " datadir: $datadir"
echo " systemdunitdir: $with_systemdsystemunitdir"
echo " nmbinary: $nmbinary"
echo " nmconfdir: $nmconfdir"
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