Commit a7eae7a5 authored by Jiří Klimeš's avatar Jiří Klimeš

trivial: typo in the NEWS

parent 63ef089f
......@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ This is a new stable release of NetworkManager. Notable changes include:
* WiFi, ADSL, WWAN, and Bluetooth are now optional plugins, reducing install size
* Added support for Infiniband Partitions
* Network connection files are no longer watched by default, use "nmcli con reload"
to notice chagnes made externally or set "monitor-connection-files=true" in
to notice changes made externally or set "monitor-connection-files=true" in
NetworkManager.conf's [main] section
* Connections can now be locked to interface names in addition to hardware/MAC addresses
* A new "ignore-carrier" configuration option is available to ignore the carrier
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