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man: update nmcli man page description for 'connection down'

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......@@ -358,7 +358,17 @@ arguments: according to arguments
.B down [ id | uuid | path | apath ] <ID>
Deactivate a connection.
Deactivate a connection from a device without preventing the device from
further auto-activation.
Be aware that this command only deactivates the specified connection, but
doesn't prevent the device, the connection was on, from performing
auto-activation. Thus, if the connection that was downed (or another
compatible connection) has autoconnect flag set, it will be automatically
started on the idling device again.
In most cases you may want to use \fIdevice disconnect\fP command instead.
The connection is identified by its name, UUID or D-Bus path.
If <ID> is ambiguous, a keyword \fIid\fP, \fIuuid\fP, \fIpath\fP or
\fIapath\fP can be used.
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