Commit a4de56a3 authored by Thomas Haller's avatar Thomas Haller
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dns: fix sort order of DNS configurations by type

Fixes: d7017005
parent bfacd24f
......@@ -323,8 +323,8 @@ _ip_config_lst_cmp (const CList *a_lst,
NM_CMP_DIRECT (nm_ip_config_get_dns_priority (a->ip_config),
nm_ip_config_get_dns_priority (b->ip_config));
/* Sort also according to type */
NM_CMP_DIRECT (a->ip_config_type, b->ip_config_type);
/* Sort according to type (descendingly) */
NM_CMP_FIELD (b, a, ip_config_type);
return 0;
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