Commit 9cc1876f authored by Thomas Haller's avatar Thomas Haller

tests: rename local variables in NM test stub (1)

- don't use "hash" for a local variable in python.
  The editor highlights it like a special python name.

- don't use "settings" for Connection.settings. Name it
  Connection.con_hash. The name "settings" is over-used already.
  "con_hash" really is the nested dictionary that we expose/receive
  from D-Bus. If we would use libnm for it, it would be an
  NMSimpleConnection instance, but we don't.
parent 644aa42f
......@@ -659,11 +659,10 @@ class ActiveConnection(ExportedObj):
self._activation_id = None
conn_settings = self.conn.GetSettings()
s_con = conn_settings['connection']
s_con = connection.con_hash['connection']
props = {
PRP_ACTIVE_CONNECTION_CONNECTION: ExportedObj.to_path(self.conn),
PRP_ACTIVE_CONNECTION_CONNECTION: ExportedObj.to_path(connection),
PRP_ACTIVE_CONNECTION_SPECIFIC_OBJECT: ExportedObj.to_path(specific_object),
......@@ -806,8 +805,8 @@ class NetworkManager(ExportedObj):
except Exception as e:
raise UnknownConnectionException("Connection not found")
hash = connection.GetSettings()
s_con = hash['connection']
con_hash = connection.con_hash
s_con = con_hash['connection']
device = self.find_device_first(path = devpath)
if not device and s_con['type'] == 'vlan':
......@@ -818,10 +817,10 @@ class NetworkManager(ExportedObj):
raise UnknownDeviceException("No device found for the requested iface.")
# See if we need secrets. For the moment, we only support WPA
if '802-11-wireless-security' in hash:
s_wsec = hash['802-11-wireless-security']
if '802-11-wireless-security' in con_hash:
s_wsec = con_hash['802-11-wireless-security']
if (s_wsec['key-mgmt'] == 'wpa-psk' and 'psk' not in s_wsec):
secrets = gl.agent_manager.get_secrets(hash, conpath, '802-11-wireless-security')
secrets = gl.agent_manager.get_secrets(con_hash, conpath, '802-11-wireless-security')
if secrets is None:
raise NoSecretsException("No secret agent available")
if '802-11-wireless-security' not in secrets:
......@@ -1086,22 +1085,23 @@ class MissingSettingException(dbus.DBusException):
class Connection(ExportedObj):
def __init__(self, path_counter, settings, verify_connection=True):
def __init__(self, path_counter, con_hash, verify_connection=True):
path = "/org/freedesktop/NetworkManager/Settings/Connection/%s" % (path_counter)
ExportedObj.__init__(self, path)
if 'connection' not in settings:
settings['connection'] = { }
if self.get_id(settings) is None:
settings['connection']['id'] = 'connection-%s' % (path_counter)
if self.get_uuid(settings) is None:
settings['connection']['uuid'] = str(uuid.uuid3(uuid.NAMESPACE_URL, path))
self.verify(settings, verify_strict=verify_connection)
if 'connection' not in con_hash:
con_hash['connection'] = { }
if self.get_id(con_hash) is None:
con_hash['connection']['id'] = 'connection-%s' % (path_counter)
if self.get_uuid(con_hash) is None:
con_hash['connection']['uuid'] = str(uuid.uuid3(uuid.NAMESPACE_URL, path))
self.verify(con_hash, verify_strict=verify_connection)
self.path = path
self.settings = settings
self.con_hash = con_hash
self.visible = True
props = {
......@@ -1110,30 +1110,30 @@ class Connection(ExportedObj):
self.dbus_interface_add(IFACE_CONNECTION, props)
def get_id(self, settings=None):
if settings is None:
settings = self.settings
if 'connection' in settings:
s_con = settings['connection']
def get_id(self, con_hash=None):
if con_hash is None:
con_hash = self.con_hash
if 'connection' in con_hash:
s_con = con_hash['connection']
if 'id' in s_con:
return s_con['id']
return None
def get_uuid(self, settings=None):
if settings is None:
settings = self.settings
if 'connection' in settings:
s_con = settings['connection']
def get_uuid(self, con_hash=None):
if con_hash is None:
con_hash = self.con_hash
if 'connection' in con_hash:
s_con = con_hash['connection']
if 'uuid' in s_con:
return s_con['uuid']
return None
def verify(self, settings=None, verify_strict=True):
if settings is None:
settings = self.settings;
if 'connection' not in settings:
def verify(self, con_hash=None, verify_strict=True):
if con_hash is None:
con_hash = self.con_hash;
if 'connection' not in con_hash:
raise MissingSettingException('connection: setting is required')
s_con = settings['connection']
s_con = con_hash['connection']
if 'type' not in s_con:
raise MissingPropertyException('connection.type: property is required')
if 'uuid' not in s_con:
......@@ -1147,22 +1147,22 @@ class Connection(ExportedObj):
if t not in ['802-3-ethernet', '802-11-wireless', 'vlan', 'wimax']:
raise InvalidPropertyException('connection.type: unsupported connection type "%s"' % (t))
def update_connection(self, settings, verify_connection):
self.verify(settings, verify_strict=verify_connection)
def update_connection(self, con_hash, verify_connection):
self.verify(con_hash, verify_strict=verify_connection)
old_uuid = self.get_uuid()
new_uuid = self.get_uuid(settings)
new_uuid = self.get_uuid(con_hash)
if old_uuid != new_uuid:
raise InvalidPropertyException('connection.uuid: cannot change the uuid from %s to %s' % (old_uuid, new_uuid))
self.settings = settings;
self.con_hash = con_hash;
@dbus.service.method(dbus_interface=IFACE_CONNECTION, in_signature='', out_signature='a{sa{sv}}')
def GetSettings(self):
if not self.visible:
raise PermissionDeniedException()
return self.settings
return self.con_hash
@dbus.service.method(dbus_interface=IFACE_CONNECTION, in_signature='b', out_signature='')
def SetVisible(self, vis):
......@@ -1174,12 +1174,12 @@ class Connection(ExportedObj):
@dbus.service.method(dbus_interface=IFACE_CONNECTION, in_signature='a{sa{sv}}', out_signature='')
def Update(self, settings):
self.update_connection(settings, True)
def Update(self, con_hash):
self.update_connection(con_hash, True)
@dbus.service.method(dbus_interface=IFACE_CONNECTION, in_signature='a{sa{sv}}ua{sv}', out_signature='a{sv}')
def Update2(self, settings, flags, args):
self.update_connection(settings, True)
def Update2(self, con_hash, flags, args):
self.update_connection(con_hash, True)
return []
@dbus.service.signal(IFACE_CONNECTION, signature='')
......@@ -1242,12 +1242,12 @@ class Settings(ExportedObj):
return self.connections.keys()
@dbus.service.method(dbus_interface=IFACE_SETTINGS, in_signature='a{sa{sv}}', out_signature='o')
def AddConnection(self, settings):
return self.add_connection(settings)
def AddConnection(self, con_hash):
return self.add_connection(con_hash)
def add_connection(self, settings, verify_connection=True):
def add_connection(self, con_hash, verify_connection=True):
self.c_counter += 1
con = Connection(self.c_counter, settings, verify_connection)
con = Connection(self.c_counter, con_hash, verify_connection)
uuid = con.get_uuid()
if uuid in [c.get_uuid() for c in self.connections.values()]:
......@@ -1367,7 +1367,7 @@ class AgentManager(dbus.service.Object):
def Unregister(self, sender=None):
del self.agents[sender]
def get_secrets(self, connection, path, setting_name):
def get_secrets(self, con_hash, path, setting_name):
if len(self.agents) == 0:
return None
......@@ -1375,7 +1375,7 @@ class AgentManager(dbus.service.Object):
for sender in self.agents:
agent = self.agents[sender]
secrets = agent.GetSecrets(connection, path, setting_name,
secrets = agent.GetSecrets(con_hash, path, setting_name,
dbus.Array([], 's'),
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