Commit 9c37b4ae authored by Thomas Haller's avatar Thomas Haller

ifcfg-rh/tests: fix out-of-tree build for cexpected file

Fixes: f04bf45e
(cherry picked from commit 5fc4bfc0)
parent af87569a
......@@ -5529,7 +5529,7 @@ test_write_wifi_wep_104_ascii (void)
_writer_new_connec_exp (connection,
TEST_SCRATCH_DIR "/network-scripts/",
TEST_SCRATCH_DIR "/network-scripts/ifcfg-Test_Write_Wifi_WEP_104_ASCII.cexpected",
TEST_IFCFG_DIR "/network-scripts/ifcfg-Test_Write_Wifi_WEP_104_ASCII.cexpected",
reread = _connection_from_file (testfile, NULL, TYPE_WIRELESS, NULL);
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