Commit 97ebf40b authored by Beniamino Galvani's avatar Beniamino Galvani Committed by Lubomir Rintel

cli: parse escape sequences when reading an 802.1x private key

In this way it become possible to specify a filename that includes one
of the delimiters.

(cherry picked from commit eac15501)
(cherry picked from commit 0f03773b)
parent 0b32e185
......@@ -2268,17 +2268,25 @@ _set_fcn_cert_8021x (ARGS_SET_FCN)
vtable = &nm_setting_8021x_scheme_vtable[property_info->property_typ_data->subtype.cert_8021x.scheme_type];
if (vtable->is_secret) {
gs_free char *path = NULL;
nm_auto_free_secret char *password_free = NULL;
char *password;
path = g_strdup (value);
password = path + strcspn (path, " \t");
if (password[0] != '\0') {
password[0] = '\0';
while (nm_utils_is_separator (password[0]))
gs_free const char **strv = NULL;
const char *password;
const char *path;
gsize len;
strv = nm_utils_escaped_tokens_split (value, NM_ASCII_SPACES);
len = NM_PTRARRAY_LEN (strv);
if (len > 2) {
g_set_error_literal (error,
_("too many arguments. Please only specify a private key file and optionally a password"));
return FALSE;
path = len > 0 ? strv[0] : NULL;
if (len == 2) {
password = strv[1];
} else {
password_free = g_strdup (vtable->passwd_func (NM_SETTING_802_1X (setting)));
password = password_free;
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