Commit 9399297a authored by Thomas Haller's avatar Thomas Haller

device/trivial: add space between macro name and arguments and vertically align lines

Also calling macros we commonly put a space between the macro name and
the parenthesis.

Also align the parameters. Otherwise it's hard to read for me.
parent 04bd404d
...@@ -6537,14 +6537,14 @@ tc_commit (NMDevice *self) ...@@ -6537,14 +6537,14 @@ tc_commit (NMDevice *self)
if (strcmp (qdisc->kind, "fq_codel") == 0) { if (strcmp (qdisc->kind, "fq_codel") == 0) {
GET_ATTR("limit", qdisc->fq_codel.limit, UINT32, uint32, 0); GET_ATTR ("limit", qdisc->fq_codel.limit, UINT32, uint32, 0);
GET_ATTR("flows", qdisc->fq_codel.flows, UINT32, uint32, 0); GET_ATTR ("flows", qdisc->fq_codel.flows, UINT32, uint32, 0);
GET_ATTR("target", qdisc->, UINT32, uint32, 0); GET_ATTR ("target", qdisc->, UINT32, uint32, 0);
GET_ATTR("interval", qdisc->fq_codel.interval, UINT32, uint32, 0); GET_ATTR ("interval", qdisc->fq_codel.interval, UINT32, uint32, 0);
GET_ATTR("quantum", qdisc->fq_codel.quantum, UINT32, uint32, 0); GET_ATTR ("quantum", qdisc->fq_codel.quantum, UINT32, uint32, 0);
GET_ATTR("ce_threshold", qdisc->fq_codel.ce_threshold, UINT32, uint32, NM_PLATFORM_FQ_CODEL_CE_THRESHOLD_DISABLED); GET_ATTR ("ce_threshold", qdisc->fq_codel.ce_threshold, UINT32, uint32, NM_PLATFORM_FQ_CODEL_CE_THRESHOLD_DISABLED);
GET_ATTR("memory_limit", qdisc->fq_codel.memory_limit, UINT32, uint32, NM_PLATFORM_FQ_CODEL_MEMORY_LIMIT_UNSET); GET_ATTR ("memory_limit", qdisc->fq_codel.memory_limit, UINT32, uint32, NM_PLATFORM_FQ_CODEL_MEMORY_LIMIT_UNSET);
GET_ATTR("ecn", qdisc->fq_codel.ecn, BOOLEAN, boolean, FALSE); GET_ATTR ("ecn", qdisc->fq_codel.ecn, BOOLEAN, boolean, FALSE);
} }
#undef GET_ADDR #undef GET_ADDR
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