Commit 92fd2901 authored by Dan Williams's avatar Dan Williams

release: update NEWS with 0.9 changes

Grr.  Forgot to do this before rolling the 0.9 tarball even
though I'd been religiously updating 0.8 NEWS.  Sorry...
parent b3ca1e56
Overview of changes since NetworkManager-0.8.x
This is a new stable release of NetworkManager. Notable changes include:
* All connections and configuration now managed by NetworkManager
* Ability for secrets to be stored in user session or by NetworkManager
* All secrets can now be requested each time
* Fast User Switching support
* Ability to restrict connections to one or more users
* Support for 802.1X certificate subject matching for greater security
* Requires wpa_supplicant 0.7 or later
* Better support for AP roaming using nl80211
* Simplified D-Bus API for easier client usage and simplier applets
* Support for GObject Introspection in libnm-glib and libnm-util
Overview of changes since NetworkManager-0.8.4
This is a new stable release of NetworkManager. Notable changes include:
* Fix handling of WINS server address in libnm-glib
* Fix checks for s390 CTC device types
* Fix export of nm_device_get_ip_iface() in libnm-glib
* Fix export of IPv6 DNS GValue conversion functions in libnm-glib
* Recognize and manage platform 'gadget' devices
* Send only "short" hostname, not FQDN, to DHCP servers
* Allow "_" as a valid character for GSM APNs
* Handle shared connections in the ifnet plugin
* Fix Ad-Hoc frequency selection for user-created Ad-Hoc networks
* Allow failed connections to be retried when Ethernet carrier bounces
* Allow usage of paths for certificates and keys in the keyfile plugin
* Fix crash requesting system VPN secrets
* Add ability to blacklist certain MAC addresses for wired & wifi connections
* Ensure users are authorized to share wifi networks (CVE-2011-2176)
Overview of changes since NetworkManager-0.8.2
This is a new stable release of NetworkManager. Notable changes include:
* Preliminary support for Exherbo Linux
* Logging fixes to suppress unnecessary messages
* Ensure removed devices are cleaned up
* Fix potential 64-bit crash updating timestamps
* IPv6 setup, routing, and compliance fixes
* Fix WWAN enable/disable handling
* Handle reverse DNS lookups with local caching nameserver configurations
* Ensure usable DNS configuration is written when NetworkManager quits
* No longer updates /etc/hosts when hostname changes
* Request WPAD option from DHCP servers
* Allow use of paths for certificates and keys in connection keyfiles
* Allow operation without any DHCP client installed
* Fix operation with newer versions of dnsmasq
* nmcli support for WWAN connections
* Persistent hostname sent to DHCP servers by default
* Allow disabing PPP support at build time
* Red Hat/Fedora ifcfg plugin fixes for handling S390 CTC device configuration
* Red Hat/Fedora ifcfg plugin fixes for handling IPADDR config items
* Shutdown crash fixes
* Memory leak fixes
* Documentation fixes and updates
* and much more...
Overview of changes since NetworkManager-0.8.1
This is a new stable release of NetworkManager. Notable changes include:
* Native local caching nameserver support using dnsmasq
* Automatically detect addition and removal of new VPN plugins
* Support for handling suspend/resume signals from UPower
* Ensure users are allowed to enable/disable WiFi and networking
* Ensure WiFi enable state is perserved across reboot and suspend
* Better handling of /etc/hosts and preservation of custom hostnames
* Support for the systemd session management service
* Better handling of 'keyfile' system connection errors
* Support for S390 network devices
* and much more...
Overview of changes since NetworkManager-0.6.6
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