Commit 92344dd0 authored by Thomas Haller's avatar Thomas Haller

vpn: fix assertion during "SecretsRequired" in unexpected state

Got this assertion:

    NetworkManager[12939]: <debug> [1536917977.4868] active-connection[0x563d8fd34540]: set state deactivated (was deactivating)
    NetworkManager[12939]: nm-openvpn[1106] <info>  openvpn[1132]: send SIGTERM
    NetworkManager[12939]: nm-openvpn[1106] <info>  wait for 1 openvpn processes to terminate...
    NetworkManager[12939]: nm-openvpn[1106] <warn>  openvpn[1132] exited with error code 1
    NetworkManager[12939]: <info>  [1536917977.5035] vpn-connection[0x563d8fd34540,2fdeaea3-975f-4325-8305-83ebca5eaa26,"my-openvpn-Red-Hat",0]: VPN plugin: requested secrets; state disconnected (9)
    NetworkManager[12939]: plugin_interactive_secrets_required: assertion 'priv->vpn_state == STATE_CONNECT || priv->vpn_state == STATE_NEED_AUTH' failed

Meaning. We should either ensure that secrets_required_cb() signal callback
is disconnected from proxy's signal, or we gracefully handle callbacks at
unexpected moments. Do the latter.
parent 5815ae8c
......@@ -2684,11 +2684,15 @@ plugin_interactive_secrets_required (NMVpnConnection *self,
gs_free const char **hints = NULL;
gs_free char *message_hint = NULL;
_LOGI ("VPN plugin: requested secrets; state %s (%d)",
if (!NM_IN_SET (priv->vpn_state, STATE_CONNECT,
_LOGD ("VPN plugin: requested secrets; state %s (%d); ignore request in current state",
vpn_state_to_string (priv->vpn_state), priv->vpn_state);
g_return_if_fail (priv->vpn_state == STATE_CONNECT ||
priv->vpn_state == STATE_NEED_AUTH);
_LOGI ("VPN plugin: requested secrets; state %s (%d)",
vpn_state_to_string (priv->vpn_state), priv->vpn_state);
priv->secrets_idx = SECRETS_REQ_INTERACTIVE;
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