Commit 90122636 authored by Dan Williams's avatar Dan Williams

todo: add notes about only connecting WiFi it was previously successful

parent b25c24fe
......@@ -116,6 +116,38 @@ against the last scan timestamp, and if the last scan was 10 seconds or more
ago, a new scan should be requested.
* Reconnect to WiFi Networks Only If They Succeeded Once
Currently, NetworkManager will attempt to connect to a previously attempted
WiFi network even if that network was never successfully connected to. This
causes confusion because sometimes users will randomly try various WiFi networks
hoping to find an open AP, and then wonder why NM tries to reconnect to any of
those APs later when none of them worked originally due to AP-side MAC filtering
or other failures. What should happen is that NetworkManager should set a flag
on a connection when that connection is successfully connected at least once,
and only autoconnect the wifi network if that flag is present *and* the
NMSettingConnection's 'autoconnect' property is TRUE.
This is a bit tricky because we want to consider all connections that don't have
this flag as having succeeded so that we don't break users' existing connections,
while holding all newly created connections to this policy. This flag should
be determined and set for all connections, even if we only use it to determine
WiFi behavior for now.
This flag should be a new gboolean property on the NMSettingConnection object
called "connect-success", with a default value of TRUE. It should default to
TRUE to ensure that existing connections are assumed to have connected
successfully in the past. New connections created via the AddConnection and
AddAndActivateConnection D-Bus method calls should have the 'connect-success'
property explicitly set to FALSE. Then, in nm-device.c's device_state_changed()
function where the NM_DEVICE_STATE_ACTIVATED state is handled, the
'connect-success' property should be set to TRUE.
For WiFi then, in nm-device-wifi.c's get_best_auto_connection() method, the
'connect-success' property should be checked and if it is FALSE, the connection
is not considered for auto-activation.
To allow for "pre-down" scenarios, this state should be implemented before a
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