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NEWS: update for a development snapshot

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NetworkManager-1.5.2 (Development Snapshot)
NetworkManager-1.5.3 (Development Snapshot)
Overview of changes since NetworkManager-1.4
......@@ -29,6 +29,27 @@ Notable changes included in this snapshot so far include:
during upgrade that did not explicitly configure cloned-mac-address. This
has the effect that externally configured MAC addresses are preserved
by default instead of setting the permanent address (bgo#770611).
* The cloned.mac-address property can now be used with Bond and Bridge
* The ifcfg parsing code has been reworked for better compatibility with
actual shell variable files.
* The ipv6.method=shared is now supported, utilizing DHCPv6 Prefix
Delegation option to obtain prefixes for the interface.
* nmtui now supports creating and editing IP tunnel connections.
* The libnm client library now uses the D-Bus ObjectManager API that allows
for quicker initialization of the clients.
* nmtui now utilizes the asynchronous libnm client API to paralellize
communication with the daemon, reducing the client startup time.
* Ethernet devices now use "802-3.speed" and "802-3.duplex" properties to
allow controlling overriding the negotiated link parameters.
* Order in which IP addresses are configured is now preserved so that
primary address is selected correctly.
* The PPP manager can now be split into a separate package.
* Details of the DNS information obtained from the connections is now
exposed on the D-Bus and can be inspected with nmcli.
* Added the support for DHCPV6_HOSTNAME and DHCPV6_SEND_HOSTNAME keys in
ifcfg files that control "dhcp-hostname" and "dhcp-send-hostname"
properties of the "ipv6" setting.
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