Commit 88213b2e authored by Thomas Haller's avatar Thomas Haller

platform: tighten return value from do_add_addrroute()

Only return TRUE, if the netlink request was responded with success and
the object exists after adding.
parent 1a501c64
......@@ -3683,9 +3683,11 @@ do_add_link_with_lookup (NMPlatform *platform,
static gboolean
do_add_addrroute (NMPlatform *platform, const NMPObject *obj_id, struct nl_msg *nlmsg)
NMLinuxPlatformPrivate *priv = NM_LINUX_PLATFORM_GET_PRIVATE (platform);
WaitForNlResponseResult seq_result = WAIT_FOR_NL_RESPONSE_RESULT_UNKNOWN;
int nle;
char s_buf[256];
const NMPObject *obj;
nm_assert (NM_IN_SET (NMP_OBJECT_GET_TYPE (obj_id),
......@@ -3721,13 +3723,17 @@ do_add_addrroute (NMPlatform *platform, const NMPObject *obj_id, struct nl_msg *
* whether the object exists.
* FIXME: if the object already existed previously, we might not notice a
* missing update. */
if (!nmp_cache_lookup_obj (NM_LINUX_PLATFORM_GET_PRIVATE (platform)->cache, obj_id))
* missing update. It's not clear how to fix that reliably without refechting
* all the time. */
obj = nmp_cache_lookup_obj (priv->cache, obj_id);
if (!obj) {
do_request_one_type (platform, NMP_OBJECT_GET_TYPE (obj_id));
obj = nmp_cache_lookup_obj (priv->cache, obj_id);
/* The return value doesn't say, whether the object is in the platform cache after adding
* it. Instead the return value says, whether the netlink request succeeded. */
/* Adding is only successful, if kernel reported success *and* we have the
* expected object in cache afterwards. */
return obj && seq_result == WAIT_FOR_NL_RESPONSE_RESULT_RESPONSE_OK;
static gboolean
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