Commit 8804a5df authored by Thomas Haller's avatar Thomas Haller

contrib/rpm: no longer manually pre-build parts for `make dist`

`make dist` should have now the proper dependencies to build everything
that is needed automatically. No need for manually calling make first.
parent 7ed55013
......@@ -110,18 +110,11 @@ if [[ $IGNORE_DIRTY != 1 ]]; then
if [[ $NO_DIST != 1 ]]; then
./ --enable-gtk-doc || die "Error"
./ --enable-gtk-doc --with-introspection --with-libnm-glib || die "Error"
if [[ $QUICK == 1 ]]; then
make -C introspection || die "Error make -C introspection"
make -C libnm-core || die "Error make -C libnm-core"
make -C libnm || die "Error make -C libnm"
make -C libnm-util || die "Error make -C libnm-util"
make -C libnm-glib || die "Error make -C libnm-glib"
make dist || die "Error make distcheck"
make dist -j 7 || die "Error make dist"
make -j 10 || die "Error make"
make distcheck || die "Error make distcheck"
make distcheck -j 7 || die "Error make distcheck"
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