Commit 86a8fa4a authored by Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre's avatar Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre Committed by Dan Williams

dns: dnsmasq plugin: update command-line parameters for starting dnsmasq

Drop --strict-order; dnsmasq is intelligent enough to ask nameservers in
an order that makes the best of possibly slow nameservers (or broken ones),
and interrogating them in strict order breaks this.

Add --no-hosts: by default dnsmasq will read /etc/hosts as a list of things
to resolve statically; this is something we want to avoid as nsswitch.conf
already lists files as the first data store to look at; where the entries
in /etc/hosts will already have been returned if that's what the user wants
to see. If the /etc/hosts file then changes, dnsmasq would have to be restarted
before the user would get the new value resolved externally. Avoid this, let
/etc/hosts override DNS entries normally through the resolver and show
changes as soon as the file is updated.
parent 84ef2acd
......@@ -302,7 +302,7 @@ update (NMDnsPlugin *plugin,
argv[0] = find_dnsmasq ();
argv[1] = "--no-resolv"; /* Use only commandline */
argv[2] = "--keep-in-foreground";
argv[3] = "--strict-order";
argv[3] = "--no-hosts"; /* don't use /etc/hosts to resolve */
argv[4] = "--bind-interfaces";
argv[5] = "--pid-file=" PIDFILE;
argv[6] = "--listen-address="; /* Should work for both 4 and 6 */
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