Commit 805cbe74 authored by Beniamino Galvani's avatar Beniamino Galvani
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ifcfg-rh: fix parse of tc qdiscs and filters

Fixes: 902bbfdb
parent fa7af768
......@@ -1999,11 +1999,15 @@ make_tc_setting (shvarFile *ifcfg)
qdisc = nm_utils_tc_qdisc_from_str (value, &local);
if (!qdisc)
PARSE_WARNING ("ignoring bad qdisc: '%s': %s", value, local->message);
if (!qdisc) {
PARSE_WARNING ("ignoring bad tc qdisc: '%s': %s", value, local->message);
if (!nm_setting_tc_config_add_qdisc (s_tc, qdisc))
PARSE_WARNING ("duplicate qdisc");
PARSE_WARNING ("duplicate tc qdisc");
nm_tc_qdisc_unref (qdisc);
for (i = 1;; i++) {
......@@ -2017,11 +2021,15 @@ make_tc_setting (shvarFile *ifcfg)
tfilter = nm_utils_tc_tfilter_from_str (value, &local);
if (!tfilter)
PARSE_WARNING ("ignoring bad tfilter: '%s': %s", value, local->message);
if (!tfilter) {
PARSE_WARNING ("ignoring bad tc filter: '%s': %s", value, local->message);
if (!nm_setting_tc_config_add_tfilter (s_tc, tfilter))
PARSE_WARNING ("duplicate filter");
PARSE_WARNING ("duplicate tc filter");
nm_tc_tfilter_unref (tfilter);
if ( nm_setting_tc_config_get_num_qdiscs (s_tc) > 0
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