Commit 7cc95d89 authored by Dan Williams's avatar Dan Williams
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core: suppress kernel's automatic creation of bond0 (rh #953466)

Which it does whenever the 'bonding' module gets loaded no matter
what name the user wants to give the new bond interface.
parent 39a0c81a
......@@ -1602,6 +1602,16 @@ nm_system_add_bonding_master (const char *iface)
g_return_val_if_fail (iface != NULL, FALSE);
/* When the kernel loads the bond module, either via explicit modprobe
* or automatically in response to creating a bond master, it will also
* create a 'bond0' interface. Since the bond we're about to create may
* or may not be named 'bond0' prevent potential confusion about a bond
* that the user didn't want by telling the bonding module not to create
* bond0 automatically.
if (!g_file_test ("/sys/class/net/bonding_masters", G_FILE_TEST_EXISTS))
nm_spawn_process ("modprobe bonding max_bonds=0");
sock = nm_netlink_get_default_handle ();
/* Existing bonding devices with matching name will be reused */
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