Commit 745d60c0 authored by Thomas Haller's avatar Thomas Haller

device: in nm_device_capture_initial_config() only update config once

Now that there is no difference between initial capturing of
the configuration, and a later update_ip_config() call during
a signal from platform, we only need to make sure that the
IP config instances are initialized at least once.

In case we are called multiple times, there is nothing to do.
parent 454195c0
......@@ -263,6 +263,9 @@ typedef struct _NMDevicePrivate {
bool queued_ip4_config_pending:1;
bool queued_ip6_config_pending:1;
bool update_ip_config_completed_v4:1;
bool update_ip_config_completed_v6:1;
char * ip_iface;
int ip_ifindex;
NMDeviceType type;
......@@ -3626,6 +3629,9 @@ nm_device_realize_finish (NMDevice *self, const NMPlatformLink *plink)
if (plink)
device_recheck_slave_status (self, plink);
priv->update_ip_config_completed_v4 = FALSE;
priv->update_ip_config_completed_v6 = FALSE;
priv->real = TRUE;
_notify (self, PROP_REAL);
......@@ -11415,6 +11421,11 @@ update_ip_config (NMDevice *self, int addr_family)
nm_assert_addr_family (addr_family);
if (addr_family == AF_INET)
priv->update_ip_config_completed_v4 = TRUE;
priv->update_ip_config_completed_v6 = TRUE;
if (update_ext_ip_config (self, addr_family, TRUE)) {
if (addr_family == AF_INET) {
if (priv->ext_ip4_config)
......@@ -11429,8 +11440,12 @@ update_ip_config (NMDevice *self, int addr_family)
nm_device_capture_initial_config (NMDevice *self)
update_ip_config (self, AF_INET);
update_ip_config (self, AF_INET6);
NMDevicePrivate *priv = NM_DEVICE_GET_PRIVATE (self);
if (!priv->update_ip_config_completed_v4)
update_ip_config (self, AF_INET);
if (!priv->update_ip_config_completed_v6)
update_ip_config (self, AF_INET6);
static gboolean
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