Commit 7332c734 authored by Beniamino Galvani's avatar Beniamino Galvani

dhcp: nettools: decrease initial delay

I think that artificially slowing down DHCP is not going to make users
happier, so let's decrease it to the minimum allowed value (1 ms).
Note that also dhclient and the internal client have it disabled. From
the dhclient.conf man page:

 *initial-delay* parameter sets the maximum time client can wait after
 start before commencing first transmission.  According to RFC2131
 Section 4.4.1, client should wait a random time between startup and
 the actual first trans‐ mission. Previous versions of ISC DHCP client
 used to wait random time up to 5 seconds, but that was unwanted due
 to impact on startup time. As such, new versions have the default
 initial delay set to 0. To restore old behavior, please set
 initial-delay to 5.
parent 584298b7
......@@ -1235,10 +1235,10 @@ ip4_start (NMDhcpClient *client,
* Select, or configure, a reasonable start delay, to protect poor servers beeing flooded.
n_dhcp4_client_probe_config_set_start_delay (config, 500);
n_dhcp4_client_probe_config_set_start_delay (config, 1);
if (last_ip4_address) {
inet_pton (AF_INET, last_ip4_address, &last_addr);
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