Commit 718fd224 authored by Thomas Haller's avatar Thomas Haller
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dns: follow resolv.conf if it is a symlink for 'rc-manager=file'

Until before 1.2.0, NetworkManager would always write resolv.conf as file, but
if /etc/resolv.conf was a symlink, it would follow the link instead of
replacing it with a file ([1], [2]).

With 1.2.0, we initially dropped that behavior and added a new 'rc-manager=none'
which writes resolv.conf to /var/run/NetworkManager and symlinks resolv.conf [3].
In case resolv.conf being already a symlink to another target, it would
not be replaced [4].
Later, we added 'rc-manager=file', which always writes /etc/resolv.conf as
file [5].

With 1.4.0, we will rename 'rc-manager=none' to 'rc-manager=symlink' [6].

This commit now fixes 'rc-manager=file' to restores the pre-1.2 behavior
and follow symlinks.

[1] 5761e328
[3] 4805be2e
[4] 583568e1
[5] 28879971
[6] cd6a4696
parent 9418f815
......@@ -329,7 +329,9 @@ no-auto-default=*
by pointing the link <filename>/etc/resolv.conf</filename> to
somewhere else.</para>
<para><literal>file</literal>: NetworkManager will write
<filename>/etc/resolv.conf</filename> as file.</para>
<filename>/etc/resolv.conf</filename> as file. If it finds
a symlink, it will follow the symlink and update the target
<para><literal>resolvconf</literal>: NetworkManager will run
resolvconf to update the DNS configuration.</para>
<para><literal>netconfig</literal>: NetworkManager will run
......@@ -674,6 +674,8 @@ update_resolv_conf (NMDnsManager *self,
gs_free char *content = NULL;
SpawnResult write_file_result = SR_SUCCESS;
int errsv;
const char *rc_path = _PATH_RESCONF;
nm_auto_free char *rc_path_real = NULL;
/* If we are not managing /etc/resolv.conf and it points to
* MY_RESOLV_CONF, don't write the private DNS configuration to
......@@ -697,18 +699,22 @@ update_resolv_conf (NMDnsManager *self,
GError *local = NULL;
rc_path_real = realpath (rc_path, NULL);
if (rc_path_real)
rc_path = rc_path_real;
/* we first write to /etc/resolv.conf directly. If that fails,
* we still continue to write to runstatedir but remember the
* error. */
if (!g_file_set_contents (_PATH_RESCONF, content, -1, &local)) {
if (!g_file_set_contents (rc_path, content, -1, &local)) {
_LOGT ("update-resolv-conf: write to %s failed (rc-manager=%s, %s)",
_PATH_RESCONF, _rc_manager_to_string (rc_manager), local->message);
rc_path, _rc_manager_to_string (rc_manager), local->message);
write_file_result = SR_ERROR;
g_propagate_error (error, local);
error = NULL;
} else {
_LOGT ("update-resolv-conf: write to %s succeeded (rc-manager=%s)",
_PATH_RESCONF, _rc_manager_to_string (rc_manager));
rc_path, _rc_manager_to_string (rc_manager));
......@@ -766,7 +772,7 @@ update_resolv_conf (NMDnsManager *self,
_LOGT ("update-resolv-conf: write internal file %s succeeded (rc-manager=%s)",
_PATH_RESCONF, _rc_manager_to_string (rc_manager));
rc_path, _rc_manager_to_string (rc_manager));
return write_file_result;
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