Commit 6341b6a5 authored by Pavel Šimerda's avatar Pavel Šimerda Committed by Thomas Haller

ifcfg: add a test for Mageia as well

In future we should probably either switch to `/etc/os-release` or just
check for `/etc/sysconfig` or something like that.

[ cherry-picked and adjusted for rebase from]
parent b936ccd2
......@@ -125,6 +125,7 @@ AC_ARG_ENABLE(ifupdown, AS_HELP_STRING([--enable-ifupdown], [enable ifupdown con
AS_IF([test -z "$enable_ifcfg_rh"], AC_CHECK_FILE(/etc/redhat-release, enable_ifcfg_rh=yes))
AS_IF([test -z "$enable_ifcfg_rh"], AC_CHECK_FILE(/etc/fedora-release, enable_ifcfg_rh=yes))
AS_IF([test -z "$enable_ifcfg_rh"], AC_CHECK_FILE(/etc/mandriva-release, enable_ifcfg_rh=yes))
AS_IF([test -z "$enable_ifcfg_rh"], AC_CHECK_FILE(/etc/mageia-release, enable_ifcfg_rh=yes))
AS_IF([test -z "$enable_ifupdown"], AC_CHECK_FILE(/etc/debian_version, enable_ifupdown=yes))
# Otherwise plugins default to "no"
AS_IF([test -z "$enable_ifcfg_rh"], enable_ifcfg_rh=no)
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