Commit 5b199b2e authored by Thomas Haller's avatar Thomas Haller
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core/trivial: add FIXME comments about clean shutdown at exit

parent 8b5f6412
......@@ -443,7 +443,7 @@ done:
* it misses to update the state. */
nm_manager_write_device_state (manager);
/* FIXME: we don't properly shut down on exit. That is a bug.
/* FIXME(shutdown): we don't properly shut down on exit. That is a bug.
* NMDBusObject have an assertion that they get unexported before disposing.
* We need this workaround and disable the assertion during our leaky shutdown. */
nm_dbus_object_set_quitting ();
......@@ -4630,9 +4630,6 @@ impl_manager_activate_connection (NMDBusObject *obj,
if (!active)
goto error;
/* FIXME: nm_active_connection_authorize() is not cancellable,
* and we pass on the only reference to @active. This construct
* is unsuitable for a coordinated shutdown. */
nm_active_connection_authorize (g_steal_pointer (&active),
......@@ -4734,6 +4731,9 @@ _add_and_activate_auth_done (NMManager *self,
/* FIXME(shutdown): nm_settings_add_connection_dbus() cannot be cancelled. It should be made
* cancellable and tracked via AsyncOpData to be able to do a clean
* shutdown. */
nm_settings_add_connection_dbus (priv->settings,
......@@ -5917,6 +5917,20 @@ nm_manager_stop (NMManager *self)
NMManagerPrivate *priv = NM_MANAGER_GET_PRIVATE (self);
NMDevice *device;
/* FIXME(shutdown): we don't do a proper shutdown yet:
* - need to tell NMDBusManager that all future D-Bus requests are rejected
* - need to ensure that all pending async operations are cancelled
* - e.g. operations in priv->async_op_lst_head
* - need to ensure that no more asynchronous requests are started,
* or that they complete quickly, or that they fail quickly.
* - note that cancelling some operations is not possible synchronously.
* Hence, stop() only prepares shutdown and tells everybody to not
* accept new work, and to complete in a timely manner.
* We need to still iterate the mainloop for a bit, to give everybody
* the chance to complete.
* - e.g. see comment at nm_auth_manager_force_shutdown()
while ((device = c_list_first_entry (&priv->devices_lst_head, NMDevice, devices_lst)))
remove_device (self, device, TRUE, TRUE);
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