Commit 5a39715f authored by Dan Winship's avatar Dan Winship

platform: fix InfiniBand partition handling

Fix infiniband_partition_add() to put the newly-created device into
the link_cache before returning. Fix link_is_software() to recognize
partition devices as software, so that link_get() is willing to return
them even before we get the udev info.
parent e1e47406
......@@ -502,12 +502,18 @@ link_type_from_udev (NMPlatform *platform, int ifindex, int arptype, const char
static gboolean
link_is_software (struct rtnl_link *link)
const char *type = rtnl_link_get_type (link);
const char *type;
/* FIXME: replace somehow with NMLinkType or nm_platform_is_software(), but
* solve the infinite callstack problems that getting the type of a TUN/TAP
* device causes.
if ( rtnl_link_get_arptype (link) == ARPHRD_INFINIBAND
&& strchr (rtnl_link_get_name (link), '.'))
return TRUE;
type = rtnl_link_get_type (link);
if (type == NULL)
return FALSE;
......@@ -1894,6 +1900,14 @@ infiniband_partition_add (NMPlatform *platform, int parent, int p_key)
g_free (id);
g_free (path);
if (success) {
auto_nl_object struct rtnl_link *rtnllink = rtnl_link_alloc ();
auto_g_free char *ifname = g_strdup_printf ("%s.%04x", parent_name, p_key);
rtnl_link_set_name (rtnllink, ifname);
success = refresh_object (platform, (struct nl_object *) rtnllink, FALSE, NM_PLATFORM_REASON_INTERNAL);
return success;
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