Commit 57b8e0bf authored by Alexander Sack's avatar Alexander Sack Committed by Dan Williams

ifupdown: fix miscast due to udev conversion

parent 3610bb68
......@@ -455,16 +455,16 @@ static GSList*
SCPluginIfupdown_get_unmanaged_specs (NMSystemConfigInterface *config)
SCPluginIfupdownPrivate *priv = SC_PLUGIN_IFUPDOWN_GET_PRIVATE (config);
GList *keys, *iter;
GList *devs, *iter;
GSList *specs = NULL;
if (!ALWAYS_UNMANAGE && !priv->unmanage_well_known)
return NULL;
keys = g_hash_table_get_keys (priv->well_known_ifaces);
PLUGIN_PRINT("Ifupdown", "get unmanaged devices count: %d", g_list_length (keys));
devs = g_hash_table_get_values (priv->well_known_ifaces);
PLUGIN_PRINT("Ifupdown", "get unmanaged devices count: %d", g_list_length (devs));
for (iter = keys; iter; iter = g_list_next (iter)) {
for (iter = devs; iter; iter = g_list_next (iter)) {
GUdevDevice *device = G_UDEV_DEVICE (iter->data);
const char *address;
char *spec;
......@@ -476,7 +476,7 @@ SCPluginIfupdown_get_unmanaged_specs (NMSystemConfigInterface *config)
spec = g_strdup_printf ("mac:%s", address);
specs = g_slist_append (specs, spec);
g_list_free (keys);
g_list_free (devs);
return specs;
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