Commit 5502d869 authored by Jiří Klimeš's avatar Jiří Klimeš

cli: initialize adsl.protocol in editor when creating a new connection

The protocol is required and it is nice to have a valid initial value for
the property.
parent 3d64d45d
......@@ -8699,6 +8699,14 @@ editor_init_new_connection (NmCli *nmc, NMConnection *connection)
nmc_setting_custom_init (base_setting);
/* ADSL */
if (g_strcmp0 (con_type, NM_SETTING_ADSL_SETTING_NAME) == 0) {
/* Initialize a protocol */
g_object_set (NM_SETTING_ADSL (base_setting),
/* Always add IPv4 and IPv6 settings for non-slave connections */
setting = nm_setting_ip4_config_new ();
nmc_setting_custom_init (setting);
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