Commit 5454681a authored by Beniamino Galvani's avatar Beniamino Galvani
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wifi: auto-activate devices as soon as the first scan finishes

Currently if we detect that a scan finished in
_scan_notify_is_scanning(), we call immediately _scan_kickoff() (which
might start a new scan) and then we check again whether the device can
autoactivate or whether to remove the wifi-scan pending action.

This means that if the scan takes long enough, when
_scan_notify_is_scanning() is called, it is already time to start
another scan and the device activation will be delayed. It will be
delayed until the scan duration becomes shorter than the
exponentially-growing periodic scan interval.

Fix this by delaying the next scan immediately after a scan result.
Co-authored-by: Thomas Haller's avatarThomas Haller <>

(cherry picked from commit 16d649ea)
(cherry picked from commit 94044c74)
parent cdbd6bd9
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......@@ -1731,6 +1731,23 @@ _scan_kickoff (NMDeviceWifi *self)
if (priv->scan_last_complete_msec + 200 > now_msec) {
gint32 timeout_msec = priv->scan_last_complete_msec + 200 - now_msec;
/* after a scan just completed, it is ratelimited for another 200 msec. This is in
* addition to our rate limiting above (where scanning can take longer than our rate limit
* duration).
* This gives the device a chance to autoconnect. Also, if a scanning just completed,
* we want to back off a bit before starting again. */
_LOGT_scan ("kickoff: don't scan (rate limited for another %d.%03d sec after previous scan)",
timeout_msec / 1000,
timeout_msec % 1000);
nm_clear_g_source (&priv->scan_kickoff_timeout_id);
priv->scan_kickoff_timeout_id = g_timeout_add (timeout_msec, _scan_kickoff_timeout_cb, self);
if (priv->scan_explicit_requested) {
if (!priv->scan_explicit_allowed) {
_LOGT_scan ("kickoff: don't scan (explicit scan requested but not allowed)");
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