Verified Commit 51c473b3 authored by Thomas Haller's avatar Thomas Haller

bond: avoid setting "active_slave" option without interface enslaved

Kernel will reject setting "active_slave", if the interface is not enslaved or not
up. We already handle that by setting the option whenever we enslave an interface.
However, we also must not set it initially, otherwise we get an ugly error log message:

    NetworkManager[939]: <debug> [1594709143.7459] platform-linux: sysctl: setting net:/sys/class/net/bond99/bonding/active_slave to eth1 (current value is )
    NetworkManager[939]: <error> [1594709143.7459] platform-linux: sysctl: failed to set bonding/active_slave to eth1: (22) Invalid argument
    NetworkManager[939]: <warn>  [1594709143.7460] device (bond99): failed to set bonding attribute active_slave to eth1
    kernel: bond99: (slave eth1): Device is not bonding slave
    kernel: bond99: option active_slave: invalid value (eth1)

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......@@ -8,6 +8,7 @@
#include "nm-device-bond.h"
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <net/if.h>
#include "NetworkManagerUtils.h"
#include "nm-device-private.h"
......@@ -261,6 +262,40 @@ set_bond_attr_or_default (NMDevice *device,
_set_bond_attr (device, opt, value);
static void
set_bond_attr_active_slave (NMDevice *device, NMSettingBond *s_bond)
NMDeviceBond *self = NM_DEVICE_BOND (device);
const NMPlatformLink *plink;
const char *value;
const char *error_reason;
int ifindex;
value = nm_setting_bond_get_option_or_default (s_bond, NM_SETTING_BOND_OPTION_ACTIVE_SLAVE);
if (!value)
if (!nm_str_is_empty (value)) {
ifindex = nm_device_get_ifindex (device);
plink = nm_platform_link_get_by_ifname (nm_device_get_platform (device), value);
if (!plink)
error_reason = "does not exist";
else if (plink->master != ifindex)
error_reason = "is not yet enslaved";
else if (!NM_FLAGS_HAS (plink->n_ifi_flags, IFF_UP))
error_reason = "is not up";
error_reason = NULL;
if (error_reason) {
_LOGT (LOGD_BOND, "bond option 'active_slave' not set as device \"%s\" %s", value, error_reason);
_set_bond_attr (device, NM_SETTING_BOND_OPTION_ACTIVE_SLAVE, value);
static gboolean
apply_bonding_config (NMDeviceBond *self)
......@@ -300,7 +335,7 @@ apply_bonding_config (NMDeviceBond *self)
nm_setting_bond_get_option_or_default (s_bond, NM_SETTING_BOND_OPTION_ARP_IP_TARGET));
set_bond_attr_or_default (device, s_bond, NM_SETTING_BOND_OPTION_AD_ACTOR_SYSTEM);
set_bond_attr_or_default (device, s_bond, NM_SETTING_BOND_OPTION_ACTIVE_SLAVE);
set_bond_attr_active_slave (device, s_bond);
set_bond_attr_or_default (device, s_bond, NM_SETTING_BOND_OPTION_AD_ACTOR_SYS_PRIO);
set_bond_attr_or_default (device, s_bond, NM_SETTING_BOND_OPTION_AD_SELECT);
set_bond_attr_or_default (device, s_bond, NM_SETTING_BOND_OPTION_AD_USER_PORT_KEY);
......@@ -378,7 +413,7 @@ enslave_slave (NMDevice *device,
if (nm_streq0 (active, nm_device_get_iface (slave))) {
nm_platform_sysctl_master_set_option (nm_device_get_platform (device),
nm_device_get_ifindex (device),
_LOGD (LOGD_BOND, "setting slave %s as active one for master %s",
active, nm_device_get_iface (device));
......@@ -577,10 +612,8 @@ reapply_connection (NMDevice *device, NMConnection *con_old, NMConnection *con_n
mode = _nm_setting_bond_mode_from_string (value);
g_return_if_fail (mode != NM_BOND_MODE_UNKNOWN);
/* Primary */
set_bond_attr_or_default (device, s_bond, NM_SETTING_BOND_OPTION_PRIMARY);
/* Active slave */
set_bond_attr_or_default (device, s_bond, NM_SETTING_BOND_OPTION_ACTIVE_SLAVE);
set_bond_attr_active_slave (device, s_bond);
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