Commit 5075ffe3 authored by Dan Williams's avatar Dan Williams

todo: add notes about vpn async secrets requests

parent b4a72d1a
......@@ -304,6 +304,44 @@ failure of the VPN connection, just like DHCP timeouts and lease-renewal
failures do for other devices (see dhcp_state_changed() in nm-device.c).
* VPN Service Daemon Secret Requests
In addition to NM asking the service daemons whether more secrets are required,
VPN service daemons (like nm-vpnc-service, nm-openvpn-service, etc) should be
able to ask NetworkManager to provide secrets during the connection attempt. To
do this, the plugin should advertise its ability to handle out-of-band secrets
in its .service file via the key 'async-secrets=true'. NetworkManager would
check that key and if present activate the VPN as normal, but skip the explicit
NeedSecrets calls.
Instead, a new "SecretsRequired" signal would be added to
introspection/nm-vpn-plugin.xml (and corresponding helper code added to
libnm-glib/nm-vpn-plugin.c) that would be emitted when the plugin determined
that secrets were required. This signal would have D-Bus signature of "sas"
for the arguments [ <s:uuid>, <as:secrets> ] with the <uuid> obviously being
the connection UUID, and <secrets> being an array of strings of plugin-specific
strings the plugin requires secrets for. This array of strings would then be
passed as the "hints" parameter in nm-vpn-connection.c when secrets are
requested from agents in a subsequent nm_settings_connection_get_secrets() call.
At this time the agent code only allows one hint per request, so we may need to
extend that to allow more than one hint.
Thus when connecting if the plugin supported async secrets NetworkManager would
still request existing secrets (without interactivity) and send them to the
VPN service daemon in the Connect D-Bus method, then wait for the service daemon
to either request secrets asynchronously via the SecretsRequired signal or to
signal successful connection via the Ip4Config signal.
The vpnc plugin would need to be reworked to open a pipe to vpnc's stdout and
stdin file descriptors to capture any authentication messages, and to match
these messages to known secrets request strings. When receiving one of these
strings the plugin would determine which secret was being requested and then
emit the SecretsRequired signal to NetworkManager. This would also imply that
nm-vpnc-service exectutes vpnc with the "--xauth-inter" argument to enable
challenge-response and does not use the "--non-inter" flag which suppresses that
wpa_supplicant has support for WPS (Wifi Protected Setup, basically Bluetooth-
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