Commit 4fc4c160 authored by Inigo Martínez's avatar Inigo Martínez Committed by Thomas Haller

meson: Slightly simplify jansson soname retrieval

The process for retrieving jansson's soname has been slightly
parent 34cb6f98
......@@ -187,8 +187,7 @@ config_h.set10('WITH_JANSSON', jansson_dep.found())
if jansson_dep.found()
jansson_libdir = jansson_dep.get_pkgconfig_variable('libdir')
readelf = find_program('readelf', 'readelf')
res = run_command(readelf, '-d', join_paths(jansson_libdir, ''))
res = run_command(find_program('eu-readelf', 'readelf'), '-d', join_paths(jansson_libdir, ''))
jansson_soname = ''
foreach line: res.stdout().split('\n')
if line.strip().contains('SONAME')
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