Commit 4ea711e0 authored by Thomas Haller's avatar Thomas Haller

platform/trivial: remove obsolete code comment

parent ecdcfda0
......@@ -3272,12 +3272,6 @@ event_seq_check (NMPlatform *platform, struct nl_msg *msg)
_LOGt ("sequence-number: seq %u received (wait for %u)", hdr->nlmsg_seq, priv->nlh_seq_last);
/* This function does all the magic to avoid race conditions caused
* by concurrent usage of synchronous commands and an asynchronous cache. This
* might be a nice future addition to libnl but it requires to do all operations
* through the cache manager. In this case, nm-linux-platform serves as the
* cache manager instead of the one provided by libnl.
static void
event_valid_msg (NMPlatform *platform, struct nl_msg *msg)
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