Commit 4ded98dd authored by Beniamino Galvani's avatar Beniamino Galvani

cli: fix use-after-free when adding ADSL connections

check_adsl_protocol() can free and assign a new string to
@protocol_ask, leaving @protocol dangling. Fix this.

Fixes: 290c1626
parent 1c0fb2f6
......@@ -5889,14 +5889,14 @@ cleanup_olpc:
gboolean success = FALSE;
char *username_ask = NULL;
const char *username = NULL;
char *protocol_ask = NULL;
const char *protocol = NULL;
char *protocol_ask = NULL, *protocol = NULL;
const char *protocol_c = NULL;
const char *password_c = NULL;
char *password = NULL;
const char *encapsulation_c = NULL;
char *encapsulation = NULL;
nmc_arg_t exp_args[] = { {"username", TRUE, &username, !ask},
{"protocol", TRUE, &protocol, !ask},
{"protocol", TRUE, &protocol_c, !ask},
{"password", TRUE, &password_c, FALSE},
{"encapsulation", TRUE, &encapsulation_c, FALSE},
{NULL} };
......@@ -5913,14 +5913,15 @@ cleanup_olpc:
if (!protocol && ask)
protocol = protocol_ask = nmc_readline (_("Protocol %s"), PROMPT_ADSL_PROTO);
if (!protocol) {
if (!protocol_c && ask)
protocol_c = protocol_ask = nmc_readline (_("Protocol %s"), PROMPT_ADSL_PROTO);
if (!protocol_c) {
g_set_error_literal (error, NMCLI_ERROR, NMC_RESULT_ERROR_USER_INPUT,
_("Error: 'protocol' is required."));
goto cleanup_adsl;
if (!check_adsl_protocol (&protocol_ask, error))
protocol = g_strdup (protocol_c);
if (!check_adsl_protocol (&protocol, error))
goto cleanup_adsl;
/* Also ask for all optional arguments if '--ask' is specified. */
......@@ -5947,6 +5948,7 @@ cleanup_olpc:
g_free (username_ask);
g_free (password);
g_free (protocol);
g_free (protocol_ask);
g_free (encapsulation);
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