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### GObject Properties
We use GObjects and GObject Properties in various cases. For example:
1. In public API in libnm they are used and useful for providing a standard
GObject API. One advantage of GObject properties is that they work well
with introspection and bindings.
1. `NMSetting` properties commonly are GObject properties. While we provide
C getters, they commonly don't have a setter. That is, settings can often
only set via `g_object_set()`.
1. Our D-Bus API uses glue code. For the daemon, this is
[`nm-dbus-manager.[ch]`](src/core/nm-dbus-manager.c) and
[`nm-dbus-object.[ch]`](src/core/nm-dbus-object.c). For libnm's
`NMClient`, this is [`nm-object.c`](src/libnm-client-impl/nm-object.c).
These bindings rely on GObject properties.
1. Sometimes it is convenient to use the functionality that GObject
properties provide. In particular, `notify::` property changed signals
or the ability to freeze/thaw the signals.
1. Immutable objects are great, so there is a desire to have `G_PARAM_CONSTRUCT_ONLY`
properties. In that case, avoid adding a getter too, the property only needs to be
writable and you should access it via the C wrapper.
In general, use GObject sparsely and avoid them (unless you need them for one of the
reasons above).
Almost always add a `#define` for the property name, and use for example
`g_signal_connect(obj, "notify::"NM_TARGET_SOME_PROPERTY", ...)`. The goal is to
be able to search the use of all properties.
Almost always add C getter and setters and prefer them over `g_object_get()`
and `g_object_set()`. This also stresses the point that you usually wouldn't use
a GObject property aside the reasons above.
When adding a GObject properties, do it for only one of the reasons above.
For example, the property `NM_MANAGER_DEVICES` in the daemon is added to bind
the property to D-Bus. Don't use that property otherwise and don't register
a `notify::NM_MANAGER_DEVICES` for your own purpose. The reason is that GObject
properties are harder to understand and they should be used sparsely and for
one specific reason.
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