Commit 4cd6a09f authored by Beniamino Galvani's avatar Beniamino Galvani Committed by Lubomir Rintel

cli: remove bluetooth completion code

The 'bt-type' property alias accepts values provided by
gen_func_bt_type(); instead the 'bluetooth.type' property can only be
set to [dun, panu, nap] and therefore it doesn't need special

(cherry picked from commit 78b9448b)
(cherry picked from commit a9728a61)
parent 97ebf40b
......@@ -4561,14 +4561,8 @@ complete_property (const char *setting_name, const char *property, const char *p
const NMMetaPropertyInfo *property_info;
property_info = nm_meta_property_info_find_by_name (setting_name, property);
if (property_info) {
if (complete_option ((const NMMetaAbstractInfo *) property_info, prefix, connection))
if ( strcmp (setting_name, NM_SETTING_BLUETOOTH_SETTING_NAME) == 0
&& strcmp (property, NM_SETTING_BLUETOOTH_TYPE) == 0)
run_rl_generator (gen_func_bt_type, prefix);
if (property_info)
complete_option ((const NMMetaAbstractInfo *) property_info, prefix, connection);
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