Commit 47d8bee1 authored by Thomas Haller's avatar Thomas Haller

platform: use NM_CMP_FIELD_UNSAFE() for comparing bitfield in nm_platform_qdisc_cmp()

"NM_CMP_FIELD (a, b, fq_codel.ecn == TRUE)" is quite a hack as it relies on
the implementation of the macro in a particular way. The problem is, that
NM_CMP_FIELD() uses typeof() which cannot be used with bitfields. So, the
nicer solution is to use NM_CMP_FIELD_UNSAFE() which exists exactly for bitfields
(it's "unsafe", because it evaluates arguments more than once as it avoids
the temporary variable with typeof()).

Same with nm_hash_update_vals() which uses typeof() to avoid evaluating
arguments more than once. But that again does not work with bitfields.
The "proper" way is to use NM_HASH_COMBINE_BOOLS().
parent 438855e9
......@@ -6480,7 +6480,8 @@ nm_platform_qdisc_hash_update (const NMPlatformQdisc *obj, NMHashState *h)
obj->fq_codel.ecn == TRUE);
......@@ -6503,7 +6504,7 @@ nm_platform_qdisc_cmp (const NMPlatformQdisc *a, const NMPlatformQdisc *b)
NM_CMP_FIELD (a, b, fq_codel.quantum);
NM_CMP_FIELD (a, b, fq_codel.ce_threshold);
NM_CMP_FIELD (a, b, fq_codel.memory);
NM_CMP_FIELD (a, b, fq_codel.ecn == TRUE);
NM_CMP_FIELD_UNSAFE (a, b, fq_codel.ecn);
return 0;
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