Commit 47773c80 authored by Thomas Haller's avatar Thomas Haller

platform: cleanup event_handler_recvmsg() (inline event_err())

parent c13163cd
......@@ -3304,15 +3304,6 @@ event_seq_check (NMPlatform *platform, struct nl_msg *msg)
_LOGt ("sequence-number: seq %u received (wait for %u)", hdr->nlmsg_seq, priv->nlh_seq_last);
static void
event_err (struct sockaddr_nl *nla, struct nlmsgerr *nlerr, gpointer platform)
_LOGt ("event_err(): error from kernel: %s (%d) for request %d",
strerror (nlerr ? -nlerr->error : 0),
nlerr ? -nlerr->error : 0,
NM_LINUX_PLATFORM_GET_PRIVATE (platform)->nlh_seq_last);
/* This function does all the magic to avoid race conditions caused
* by concurrent usage of synchronous commands and an asynchronous cache. This
* might be a nice future addition to libnl but it requires to do all operations
......@@ -5503,7 +5494,10 @@ continue_reading:
goto out;
} else if (e->error) {
/* Error message reported back from kernel. */
event_err (&nla, e, platform);
_LOGt ("event_err(): error from kernel: %s (%d) for request %d",
strerror (e->error),
} else {
/* Valid message (not checking for MULTIPART bit to
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